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Important Facts That You Should Know About Security Jobs in Singapore

Security Jobs in Singapore

The job of a security professional is of great importance, especially when lives and properties are at peril. Whether you work at the office or your workplace is within a building/ shopping mall, you want your properties and important belongings under surveillance and protected at all costs, and that is why the job becomes demanding.

So, you shouldn’t jump into a conclusion just because you think you can do it. Security service providers are only interested in reliable candidates, and reliability comes from training, experience, and other qualities including both physical and psychological attributes.

Security jobs in Singapore will always be in great demand, making them an increasingly popular profession for people to consider, even if it takes a particular kind of person to be interested in security professional employment.

Before applying for Security jobs in Singapore, make sure you have done all of your homework if you are thinking about working as a security officer. Here are 10 possible facts that you should know about security jobs in Singapore. As I mentioned earlier, there are a lot of companies looking for individual skills for different segments. Here are a couple of companies that are required.

Most Companies Look for Security Officers with Certifications & Licenses

Whenever you are eager to apply for Security jobs in Singapore, you should train with some professionals and then obtain licenses. If you don’t see it is viable for you to get any certification and/ or license, you can enroll in some security professional training courses in Singapore.

Some security professionals’ courses are designed to educate you with the required knowledge and insights, which may help increase your chances of getting hired and experience gradual improvement on the job.

Security Jobs in Singapore Pay More These Days

The good news for security employees is that According to a recent industry survey by the Union of Security Employees (USE), the typical basic compensation for security guards has risen by $120 to $1,420 per month from two years ago.

And, there are some extra opportunities for security employees. This is a good practice for security job holders who want to build a career, you might also hear that salary increment is always reviewed by every year 10% – 15%.  Also, there is some festival bonus system that encourages employees so much.

The Majority of Security Jobs in Singapore Include Magnificent Walking

You might want to rethink becoming a security officer if you believed you could simply sit around for hours on end. You must conduct patrols as a security officer in order to safeguard the area you are tasked with protecting. Being physically fit is essential to being a security officer because these patrols require a lot of walking and standing.

Security Officers Are to Maintain Rigorous Schedules

Security is a round-the-clock service that includes the prevention/ deterration of theft, damage, and other illegal activities. These incidents likely happen after sunset, meaning that the majority of the security officers in Singapore have to get to work maintaining that schedule. Night or day, security officers should stay vigilant as long as they’re on duty.

Almost all companies require 24/7 security in Singapore. You better check yourself for qualifications for security jobs in Singapore. As mentioned earlier this is not an easy task if you don’t know about these positions.

Security Professionals Should Be the First Responders to Emergencies

Security staff should be the first to respond when an emergency arrives. Sometimes, they might be near the potential scene, sometimes, they might not be. In either case, a security officer on duty needs to know what to do in an emergency.

It is your responsibility to be aware of where you are at all times, where the fire alarms are, and where you can call for assistance. It may be a good idea to enroll in first aid training even if they are not necessary for your license.

Security Officers Need to Interact a Lot with Other People

The job of a security officer involves a lot of interactions with people, some of which might be complete strangers and some might be familiar. Regardless of familiarity, the professional should be capable of maintaining smooth interactions with everyone that enters the premises being under his/ her care.

Some people love to talk while others are reticent. Some might not show as much courtesy as the situation demands. But security professionals need to talk with a smile on their face, and they should also be able to instill in others a sense of safety. This is something of a virtue that can be achieved with patience and humility.

Security Jobs in Singapore

A College Degree Is NOT Required

You must be at least 18 years old and hold a high school diploma or equivalent to be eligible for the majority of security officer positions. These requirements being easy for most of the population make security jobs more appealing to candidates than other law enforcement positions. In terms of availability, these jobs come in numbers unlike some other positions in the security industry.

But still, there are some companies that require a minimum educational background, but it’s exceptional if you have a good number of years of experience related to field security jobs in Singapore. Then the companies will not care about your educational background. 

Good Communication Skills Are a Must

Effective verbal and written communication are qualities that a good security watch needs. Communication that is polite and clear can make a difference in how successfully a challenging situation is handled.

When carrying out regular duties, a security officer has to use communication skills effectively to address different situations where there might be people who are not reasonable or amiable. Security officials are to listen to emergency calls and complaints from people so that they can inform the appropriate authority and provide concise reports to the employers.

Physical Fitness Is a Key Attribute

Additionally, communication enables the security officer to precisely and thoroughly record each and every significant incident as well as the facility’s condition at the end of their shift. 

As crucial as it is for an officer to be watchful and vigilant for the security of clients, the majority of their interactions will be with the staff members and clients or customers of the people they are protecting, so being kind and nice is important.

You need to maintain a healthy weight and engage in regular exercise. It’s possible that a professional who isn’t fit won’t be able to do their job well. Mental attentiveness is linked to physical fitness. The officer must have a tidy, professional appearance, wearing a clean uniform with their shirt hood up.

A security defense should present himself and the client in a professional manner by wearing them properly. Relations with the general population are centered on security. At all times, you must act politely and professionally.

Security Officers Must Have a Strict Sense of Hygiene

Security officers are to interact with random people, some of which may carry harmful germs or viruses like covid 19, flu, or other contagious diseases. You should improve your routine for cleanliness before applying for security jobs in Singapore. You will protect yourself while you doing your job but still, there are some unexpected situations that can be the reason for a long-term illness. Which will badly affect your career and job.

Security Jobs in Singapore

Basic, Formal Requirements For Security in Jobs in Singapore

A job in security is a challenging and demanding job that involves a lot of responsibility. That’s why you have to be able to show a lot more than you used to – the imposing stature of a classic bouncer was often enough. In the meantime, the basic requirements for working in a security service have been clearly regulated.

Security Jobs In Singapore: Required Qualifications at a Glance

There is no job where some basic requirements exist even if it’s a security job. The security job itself has some basic requirements for making sure you are the perfect person for the position.

    • Age: At least 18 years
    • Education: Have a school leaving certificate. (Not necessary all time)
    • License: Driving License. (Optional)
    • Language Skills: Singaporean Mandarin both written and spoken (knowledge of a foreign language is a plus)
    • Legal Document: Clearance from the Police Department

It goes without saying that employees of a reputed security company in Singapore should not have any trouble with the law or financial difficulties. Otherwise, these would not only impair teamwork within the company in Singapore but could also endanger the relationship of trust with customers.

Little more about security Jobs in Singapore

The certificate of competence according to law enforcement positions also ensures that applicants have sufficient specialist knowledge in the security industry and are generally suitable for jobs in this industry. Of course, it does not replace the state-recognized three-year training as a specialist for protection and security or years of professional experience.