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Managing Stressful Situations – How Do Security Guards Act?

How Do Security Guards Act

Security guards are always vigilant on the ground. They have to be focused at all times, especially during busy hours. Incidents can occur that leave security guards feeling overwhelmed. The most trusted security services in Singapore know how to deal with the everyday stress of protecting property and enforcing rules. Businesses can be very demanding as they require 24/7 security Singapore. You might be wondering how they beat the occasional stress that comes with the job. Here is how security guards act when managing stressful situations.

Spot Stress

The first thing that the most trusted security services in Singapore do is spot stress. Although security guards know how to go about their job without worrying too much, they know when to spot the build-up of pressure. There might be an individual who behaves unpredictably or is agitated. Even cheap security Singapore knows how to identify signs that indicate a potentially dangerous individual. The following indications reveal when a person is agitated at a level where they can be a threat.

  • Invading space of other people
  • Talking about committing violence
  • Using profanity
  • Verbal threats
  • Loud yelling
  • Body language such as balled fists, red face, and flared nostrils

Now, it is not easy to identify the above behaviours. The secret to confronting an aggressive person is remaining calm and understanding that one is being engaged. Rather than reacting to further incite agitation, 24/7 security Singapore is trained to de-escalate the situation. It is rare to end anger with anger and violence with violence.


Security guards require impeccable listening skills. An individual may rant loudly if they feel unheard. They simply want others to know how they feel and choose to verbalize the injustice against them. Therefore, even cheap security Singapore will listen carefully to the individual rather than ignore them. Active listening by asking questions and using body language goes a long way in demonstrating that you have a genuine interest in the individual and want to help provide them with a resolution. A lot of the time, listening to someone else relieves their stress and helps de-escalate the situation altogether. Moreover, active listening shows empathy.


Next, the security guard will have to communicate to deal with an agitated or aggressive individual. Communicating with intention helps de-escalate the problem. Clear and calm communication is the way to go. Positive body language also works wonders as the individual would not feel threatened. The main goal should always be to reach a solution without any violence or injuries.

Offer Solutions

Finally, professional security guards offer solutions to show that they value the individual and are committed to helping them out. It is the final step for putting an end to the confrontation. Rather than demanding the individual do something, it is important to provide potential solutions to minimize the risk of the individual doing something violent.


Security officers possess a variety of skills that allow them to best handle stressful situations. Only a professional security company can help protect your business and ensure that there is no violence at the premises.